Bij Merlijn bieden we regelmatig workshops aan of organiseren we interessante lezingen. Hieronder zie je welke activiteiten we komende tijd aanbieden.

Laden Workshops
Dit evenement is voorbij.

One of the most favorite teachers of Romina is Geoff Brooks. We are very glad he visits Merlijn in his Europe tour. He will be hosting 2 workshops on the 1st, and 3th of October. The workshops will be taught in English.

Join all workshops and get 10% discount.

You can follow all workshops live online through Zoom as well.

Sunday October 3th 14:00 – 17:00 (3 hours)

Meditation & Pranayama essentials

Meditation and Pranayama ESSENTIALS, is the course you’ve been waiting for in regards to learning an easy to understand, no-nonsense approach to the proven health and well-being practices of Breath and Meditation. Pre-modern times, Yoga was defined by breath and meditation practices, and the Indian sub-continent has many different styles and techniques.

In Geoff’s years of practice and study he has fine-tuned some very specific and special techniques which are easily understood and easily practiced. This course gives you clear instructions, intentions and most importantly the “what am I mean to feel and experience” to give you confidence and ability, to maintain your own practice going forward.

The session is broken down into;

  1. The Seat
  • Often undervalued, the seat is key to the practice
  • How to open into your seat and stay comfortable
  • Bandha and the effective seat
  1. The Techniques
  • 5 primary Pranayama techniques
  • 5 primary Meditation techniques
  • Each similarly effective for different people and different environments.
  1. The Practice
  • Explore the techniques with a focus on;
    • What is felt? How is it expressed?
    • How can it benefit me?
    • Workshop specific elements as they arise

Why you would do this particular session;

  • To experience what Pranayama and Meditation are truly about when you remove all of the marketing and hype.
  • To experience and comprehend how the vital ingredients of Yoga create a truly life altering practice by regulating stress levels in the body
  • To regulate stress
  • Become more accepting and compassionate
  • To live with greater self awareness and confidence
  • Develop techniques and habits which invigorate and revitalize your being
  • Experience a deep journey with a long term (12+years teaching, 30+ years practicing) proven primary teacher who has lived, experienced and practices what he preaches
  • Learn in a nurturing environment (at Radiantly Alive in Ubud)
  • You want to learn at a pace so as not to over-stress the body, yet seek a comprehensive experience

Geoff Brooks

Geoff has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and practicing for over 30. While this gives him a vast array of experience and knowledge, it is the way he imparts this as wisdom in the way he teaches that sets him apart.

With a deep comprehension of the intention of Yoga philosophy, coupled with an intimate awareness of the way that energy moves through the body, Geoff guides the practitioner through the maze that yoga shines the light upon in a way that delivers clarity and comprehension.

Geoff currently lives and teaches in Ubud Bali at Radiantly Alive and originates from Byron Bay, Australia. He travels extensively sharing the deeper wisdom of Yoga across Asia and Europe.

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