Bij Merlijn bieden we regelmatig workshops aan of organiseren we interessante lezingen. Hieronder zie je welke activiteiten we komende tijd aanbieden.

Laden Workshops
Dit evenement is voorbij.

One of the most favorite teachers of Romina is Geoff Brooks. We are very glad he visits Merlijn in his Europe tour. He will be hosting 3 workshops on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September. The workshops will be taught in English.

Join all workshops and get 15% discount.

You can follow all workshops live online through Zoom as well. All workshops will be recorded, so you can watch the workshops at a suitable time later.

The Wisdom of Yoga

From its earliest foundations the practice of Yoga has been about the science of the Mind, while Ayurveda was considered the science of the Body.

From a modern medicinal perspective the principles of  Asana, Pranayama and Meditation have proven to be effective for both homeostasis and stress regulation.

The first records of Ayurvedic medicine touted raw foods (from the natural source) as being the gift of nature that the human body adapted to in order to survive. While growing evidence shows that Yogic practices, together with short term (targeted) fasting the immune system can be kick started through decreasing stresses the body uses to self regulate and in doing the available energy is utilised to maintain and protect itself.

We are, arguably more than ever, in a period where our greatest asset is the ability to regulate our own health – yet many of us are not sure how.

This short course is all about sharing proven knowledge, which allows you to use wisdom and freedom of choice for you and your lifestyle.

HOMEOSTASIS, Stress & The Immune System

The body knows how to look after itself. It self regulates through the Immune System and Stress in a process we call Homeostasis.

The Immune System is our line of defence against foreign “invaders” such as bacteria, fungus and virus. In the case of viruses nothing can replace our Immune System – vaccines don’t give us immunity, the body still has to do this by the vaccine (ideally) giving us a less damaging replica of the virus.

Stress is the language of the body – which may sound strange, yet we need stress to survive; it tells us when we’re thirsty and need to drink; when we’re tired and need to rest; overheating and need to cool down; and, so much more.

When the mind and body have been conditioned to ignore or maintain stress the Immune System is compromised.

Yoga developed into a system of complete health and wellness in order to ensure that we can identify the body’s “language” around stress so we can make informed choices.

This three part short course is all about that.

Friday September 18th 19:30 – 21:30

Session 1 – YOGIC Wisdom and Diet Choices

The first Session is primarily about education with some demonstration

  • Yoga Philosophy
    • The afflictions of Mind and how they relate to Stress mismanagement and reactive behaviours
    • How our Asana, Pranayama and Meditation practice teaches us how to listen to Stress and take informed action
  • What the Body needs
    • Our body developed through, primarily, raw food and intermittent fasting
    • *In many of our lifestyles Raw Food and Fasting is not a valid long term choice*
    • The body needs nutrition, not specific food – how to understand cravings
    • How to understand cravings

Hand Outs and Recipes for Juices and Raw-Warm Soup would be given

Saturday September 19th 14:00 – 16:00

Session 2 – ASANA for Stress

Assuming most people have practiced Yoga to at least an understanding level of poses, this session is taking it to the next level of self awareness in the practice;

  • Identify where and how stress shows up, or is stored, in the body
  • How specific activation points increase blood and, SPECIFICALLY, lymphatic flow throughout the body
  • How Bandha and Nadi awareness supports
  • Primary take away; know how I’m meant to feel in a pose, rather than what its meant to look like…

Sunday September 20th 14:00 – 16:30

Session 3 – Pranayama and Meditation

If the first two sessions are about preparation, this is the fine tuning. The intention of this session is to show, through a deep practice, that breath and mental focus creates feelings of wellbeing, clarity and harmony. They are given easily replicated tools and effective techniques to build their own practice with confidence and comfort.

This session involves;

  • 60min method and technique training
  • 90min Pranayama & Meditation session “Breath of Awakening”

Geoff Brooks

Geoff has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and practicing for over 30. While this gives him a vast array of experience and knowledge, it is the way he imparts this as wisdom in the way he teaches that sets him apart.

With a deep comprehension of the intention of Yoga philosophy, coupled with an intimate awareness of the way that energy moves through the body, Geoff guides the practitioner through the maze that yoga shines the light upon in a way that delivers clarity and comprehension.

Geoff currently lives and teaches in Ubud Bali at Radiantly Alive and originates from Byron Bay, Australia. He travels extensively sharing the deeper wisdom of Yoga across Asia and Europe.

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