3 workshops with Geoff Brooks (International Teacher)

//3 workshops with Geoff Brooks (International Teacher)

Bij Merlijn bieden we regelmatig workshops aan of organiseren we interessante lezingen. Hieronder zie je welke activiteiten we komende tijd aanbieden.

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One of the most favorite teachers of Romina in the world is Geoff Brooks. We are very glad he visits Merlijn in his Europe tour. He will be hosting 3 workshops on the 26th and 28th of April. The workshops will be taught in English.

Join multiple workshops and get 10% – 15% discount.

Friday April 26th 19:30 – 22:00

Hatha Immersive

This is essentially Geoff’s personal practice personified.

We begin with the deeper intention of the practice with Pranayama and move through preparatory poses in order to open the pathways for the magic of the Asana to happen. Each pose has an intention which creates part of the tapestry of the entire practice. Each pose compliments the practice and takes us to a deeper space and place. Each pose is guided with clear instruction of not just what to do, yet to also connect with what it is meant to feel like.

The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to create a deep intelligence to the intention of the union of the Ha (sun) and Tha (moon), also known as; the masculine and feminine, exemplified through the primary lines of energy that run through the body, Pingalla and Ida, in order to open Sushumna.

This is a practice which incorporates the ability for more experienced Yogi’s to go deeper through the guidance of a technical master and for the newer practitioner to experience the practice from a deeply personal sensory experience.

Sunday April 28th 10:30 – 13:00

Aligned Flow

We all enjoy a flowing Vinyasa, yet it can be a little overwhelming to keep the pace of the practice and maintain a sense of harmony and balance. In this Immersive we break down certain poses (Asana), which is then linked together to create transitional flow, which creates the foundation of Vinyasa.

Even when the most simple Vinyasa is broken down and understood our experience with the overall practice changes. We are no longer chasing the tail of the practice but are guiding are development through the practice – which is what the practice is intended to be about.

Therefore, when done the way it is intended, Yoga opens every aspect of the body while creating a foundation of deeply rooted support. Geoff has a gift for shedding light on the darkest little pockets within your practice and leading the way to your light. The difference we focus on this workshop is the linking of the practice and how the poses “fit” together.

Sunday April 28th 14:00 – 17:00

Spirit Breath and Restorative Immersive

In the awareness of how we push ourselves to succeed, we also need to understand how to unwind, to relax. This workshop is designed to bring a fine-tuned awareness to the ability to isolate and to then release tensions and stress form the body.

We shall open with a mixture of Pranayama techniques which open different energy lines and separate energy types within the body. Once these are opened we can then introduce supportive and nurturing poses which will release much of the deeply held stresses within the body. A perfect way to reset the Mind and Body after the Kingsday festivities.

Geoff delivers all of his teachings with a deep connection to the smallest detail and awareness of the way energy is designed to move through the body. When we are in alignment with our physical body, the mental and emotional bodies are similarly enable to align. This Immersive will reset your ability to listen the the language of the body and allow you to regulate the niggles in our bodies before they turn into discomfort or pain.

Geoff Brooks

Geoff has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and practicing for over 30. While this gives him a vast array of experience and knowledge, it is the way he imparts this as wisdom in the way he teaches that sets him apart.

With a deep comprehension of the intention of Yoga philosophy, coupled with an intimate awareness of the way that energy moves through the body, Geoff guides the practitioner through the maze that yoga shines the light upon in a way that delivers clarity and comprehension.

Geoff currently lives and teaches in Ubud Bali at Radiantly Alive and originates from Byron Bay, Australia. He travels extensively sharing the deeper wisdom of Yoga across Asia and Europe.